These 3D Nail Designs Are For Anyone Who Colors Outside the Lines

1. 3D Ice Cream Nails

We prefer all of our ice cream to be 3-dimensional. But at least these don’t melt 45 seconds after you buy it.

2. Pink Grapefruit Nails

This bright and summery look has us craving citrus. Take that, scurvy!

3. Periwinkle Seascape 3D Nails

Sebastian never told Ariel there was a purple part of the ocean! Maybe she would have been more inclined to stay if she could get a 3D shell mani like this.

4. Textured Almond Nail Design

Inspired by your appreciation for shag rugs with this 3D almond nail design. Thank goodness they omitted that cat hairball.

5. Bedazzled Nails

In another dimension, we got that BeDazzler we wanted as a kid.

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