Behind the Ear Tattoos That Have Nothing to Do With Corn

Any tattoo above your shoulders is a bold move, but the space behind your ear makes for a slightly more subtle canvas. The only person who will see it is the next magician who tries to pull the quarter stunt. Next time you can just ask us for our phone number, ok?

1. Something Witchy

We’re over the moon for this celestial tat. And we didn’t even have to send our cow back into space to get it.

Photo Credit: @allens_tattoo_art

2. Scorpion Behind the Ear Tattoo

A scorpion tattoo is effective ink for whenever someone gets within six feet of you. Just say, “careful, he punches!” They’ll get the hint. And learn something new about scorpions!

Photo Credit: @siobhangallagher_art

3. Cherries

Whether you’re sweet or tart, a cherry tattoo could work for you. People may call you a redneck, but it’s a fair price to pay.

Photo Credit: @criticalbill13

4. Spooky Bats

A behind the ear bat tattoo is for forever-spooky girls. And to let everyone know that you might live in a haunted house and your last name is Wayne. Do you really still need to see ID?

Photo Credit: @averyblvck_

5. Dainty Floral Behind the Ear Tattoo

These plants won’t die like the 32 succulents you picked up at Trader Joe’s last year and never watered. Is that not what low-maintenance means?

Photo Credit: @jeffzalesak

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