Men’s Halloween Costume Ideas You’ll Actually  Want to Wear This Year

When it comes to men’s Halloween costumes, the costume idea lists always feel ho-hum. So we got creative and uncovered the best men’s Halloween costume ideas for 2022.

1. Doctor Strange

There’s no universe where Doctor Strange’s cape doesn’t look cool. It looks even cooler in the one where we actually say Benedict Cumberbatch correctly.

2. Gomez Addams

Yes, it's a suit. But Gomez Addams is easily one of the most romantic characters in fiction and, with the new Wednesday show coming to Netflix, the Halloween costume will be on trend as well. All you need is a pin-stripe suit, a killer mustache, and preferably a Morticia to drive you wild.

3. Homelander

Homelander was the main antagonist from The Boys before Jensen Ackles came to town. To dress up as him, just imagine Ken in a wannabe Captain America outfit acting like a Chad.

4. Air Dancers

This inflatable tube man costume is perfect if you’re Halloween party is taking place at Area 51 or a used car lot.

5. Sandman

Still living your best emo life, go by 10 different names, and have siblings that are also a bit extra? Skip the costume shopping and work on  convincing a raven to be your loyal companion.

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