Tattoos So Cool You’ll Wish They Were Even More Permanent

People get tattoos for any number of reasons, from a drunken dare to honoring a special moment. So the next time an occasion or tequila strikes, consider using one of these cool tattoos for inspiration.

1. Rainbow Shrimp Heart Tattoo

It makes more sense than the rainbow bagel trend, but we still don’t want it in our stir fry.

Photo Credit: @happyfishhead

2. Reverse Reverse Cowgirl

What do you mean our pony ride company has been asked never to return to the state fair?

Photo Credit: @happyfishhead

3. Porcelain Beetle Tattoo

This beautiful porcelain pattern can’t be beet(le).

Photo Credit: @happyfishhead

4. Piece of My Heart Tattoo

That piece of our heart we gave you? Yeah, we’re gonna need that back.

Photo Credit: @mow.ink

5. Cool Rat Tattoo

We always knew that rats liked to shred. But we thought it was shredding cheese, no concrete.

Photo Credit: @winkrot

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