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Skip The Museum’s Gift Shop And Get One Of These Art Tattoos Instead

1. Banksy’s Girl with a Balloon

We’re loving this nod to the greatest graffiti artist of all time. Just make sure the girl doesn’t let the balloon float away…tattoos are expensive!

2. Matisse’s Silhouette

We like this style, but instead of a human, we got a silhouette of our dogs. They’re big modern art fans.

3. Mucha's Ladies

Just make sure they’re not fighting over the Vitruvian man. Drama totally clogs up your pores.

4. Hokusai’s Wave

Get this one to commemorate the time you thought stand up paddle boarding in the ocean would be a good idea. That wave that knocked you off the board was definitely that big.

5. Van Gogh’s Starry Night

Skies in the pre-air pollution days really hit different.

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