We're Falling In Love With These Creative Heart Nail Designs

1. Multi-Colored Heart Nails

This design is giving us a lot of looks. There's the multi-colored Skittle pattern. There's French tips. And we're even working with some negative space! The only thing that's missing is actual Skittles. Even if they are the Wild Berry flavors.

2. Blue Heart Clouds

If love makes you feel like you’re on cloud nine, this is the perfect design for you. Don’t be rash though – that feeling could just be the altitude sickness.

3. Flaming Hearts Nail Design

If your ideal man is Elvis, these nails are for you. Jury’s out on if he’s available, but we’ll take the updated version that is Austin Butler any day. Are we even on topic anymore? Nails. Burning Love. Austin Butler. Yes, it all adds up.

4. 3D Heart Nails

The good news is that if you lose one heart, you've got nine others. Or 10, if you count your actual heart, but we’re not quite sure what it looks like these days.

5. Ombre Pink Heart Tips

We don’t want to toot our own horn or anything, but these are very reminiscent of the glue art we would create and watch dry in 4th grade. We always knew we were destined for greatness.

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