You Can Master These Simple Valentine Nail Designs By Feb. 14

1. Holographic Heart Nails

This manicure doesn’t require a lot of effort, because the bold holographic polish is  carrying the team by providing a “wow” factor. Which is exactly what you’ll hear after the romantic night you have planned. You’ve really upped your shrimp scampi game!

2. Hugs and Kisses Valentine Nails

It just so happens that X and O are two of the easiest letters to draw, and they epitomize Valentine’s Day. If only “I” meant something romantic, we’d really be in business.

3. Glittery Valentine’s Day Nails

“Glitter, glitter is no fun, unless you share with everyone,” – our other nails every time we try to do the whole “accent” nail thing. With this simple Valentine nail design, there’s some for all!

4. Simple Blue Valentine’s Day Nails

When you’re pressed for time, keep the nail art to one nail and move on with your life. The blue nail polish makes this mani a little more subtle than the obvious bright red.

5. Easy Swirl Nails

These nails look more complicated than they really are. All you need are your two favorite Valentine’s Day colors: one for a base layer, and the other to use for your best impression of Picasso. It looks better when it’s imperfect!

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