The Groundbreaking Spring Nail Ideas You Need to Try (Ok, and Some Florals)

1. Colorful Cheetah Nails

Introducing the adult version of our dream Lisa Frank nails. Excuse us while we get all of our folders and notebooks out of storage and pretend we’re going back to school again. Minus the pop quizzes, please.

2. Rainbow Sparkle Nails

We love rainbows, and we love sparkles, so of course we’re going to love this combination by Claudia Brooks. We’d love it even more if it came with a pot of gold.

3. Orange Nails

You don’t have to go to Florida to get these oranges, but who would want to turn down a free trip? It is free, right?

4. Swirly Smiley Face Nails

We ran all the algorithms and figured out that it’s physically impossible to be sad when you’re wearing this design. Unless you’re watching Requiem for a Dream.

5. Easter Egg Nails

Aistė’s nails are perfect for that Easter family party. Look at that – you already found eight eggs! Take that, niece.

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