Cool Wrist Tattoos to Inspire Your Next Ink

Wrist tattoos are super versatile – you can go the minimalist route with a small symbol, or go big with something that creeps up  towards your forearm.

1. Flower Wrist Tattoo

This design blooms from the wrist and then out to the hand and forearm. Who knew Miracle Grow was so effective?

2. Wrap Around Flowers

Love flowers, hate the allergies? Try Benadryl!

3. Eye Tattoo

Lotus flowers grow from the mud, demonstrating their strength. You can do the same with a similar tattoo, and you don’t ever have to get dirty.

4. Butterfly Wrist Tattoo

This simple butterfly is terrible at pollinating flowers, but at least it doesn't have to go through the pupae stage.

5. Bird Tattoo

The best part about these birds? They won’t wake you up at the crack of dawn.

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