The Best Press-On Nails for When You Want a Fast and Easy Manicure

If home manicures leave you looking like a finger-painting Picasso, it’s time to search for the best press-on nails. Sure, there are creative hacks that might leave you with nails as badass as Cardi B’s, but let’s choose the path of least resistance.

1. Snake and Moon Witchy Nails, $25

On the one hand, you have rainbows. On the other hand, you have spooky witchy nails. And in the middle, you have… a body, we presume. Did you steal our invisibility shield again?

2. Pride Wave Set of Press On Nails, $27

These nails are perfect for Pride, St. Patrick’s Day, or rainbow lovers. With these on your fingertips, you can sprinkle good luck on everyone you come across.

3. ManiMe Custom Fit Gel Stick-Ons Nails, $15-$25

The company offers a wide range of custom sets. Here’s how it works: you send in a few photos of your hands, and they use their 3D scanner to create gel stick-ons perfectly suited to your nails.

4. CHRMDbySarah Reusable Press-ons, $100

This $100 kit is a surprise. The nail artist will create a custom set in the shape and length of your choosing, and you won’t know what it is until they arrive.

5. The Nailest Any Shape Press-on Nails, $42+

The Nailest has some of the most extra nail sets on the Internet starting at $42 a set. Not only do reviewers say they look even better in person, but you can also wear them multiple times.

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