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25 Bourbon Brands Ranked Worst To Best

#24: Kentucky Gentleman

While the “generous sweet wood and caramel aromas” in this bourbon sound great, Redditors called it “bottom of the pond scum” and the only whiskey that “immediately make[s] me gag.”

#21: Evan Williams Bottled-in-Bond

Several Drizly reviewers rated this as the best bourbon for the price, and at $19.99, it’s certainly affordable. 

#18: Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon

This Kentucky bourbon is matured in “Alligator” Char American Oak Barrels and unfiltered for a full-flavored profile. You’ll taste wood and fruit with a long finish.

#12: Maker’s Mark Bourbon

Maker’s Mark began with bread. Master Distiller Bill Samuels baked bread with different grains to determine what to make his new whiskey with. And instead of rye, he chose red winter wheat.

#4: Old Forester 86 Proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Once sold as medicine, this evolved into a bourbon that has “traditional notes of caramel and orange peel joined by dried cherry and Christmas cake spices.” 

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