19 Burnaway Cake Ideas So You Can Hop on the Newest TikTok Trend

With some wafer paper, edible ink, and a lighter, you too can impress your friends with one of these many burnaway cake ideas inspired by the newest TikTok baking trend. Just have the fire extinguisher handy. As long as your cake is more Hunger Games: Catching Fire and less…actual catching fire you’ll be fine. Here's more than a dozen burnaway cake ideas to get you started.

Is now a bad time to say we used to be Team Gale…? He’s a Hemsworth brother, come on!

The old Taylor Swift can’t come to the phone right now. Why? She’s burning this cake.

Who needs the halftime show? This cake is entertaining enough.

Ok, but where’s the video of Guy Fieri reacting to this cake?

The Pokemon kids get it. This cake is COOL.

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