The hottest nail trends of the summer include fiery neon shades, mismatched designs, French tips, and flames. Yes, we meant “fiery” literally.

1. Neon Pink Flamingo Nail Design

Not to raise any alarm, but we think your flamingo might be eating too much shrimp.

2. Orange Fruit Nails

Aren’t you glad we didn’t make a cheesy pun? Oh, there’s still thyme.

3. Baseball Nails

These summer nails were made for catching rogue baseballs. We prefer it that way, because our dentist wasn’t thrilled last year when we used our face.

4. Black and White Flower Manicure

When you’re excited about summer, but only wear black and white, here’s the floral manicure of your goth girl fantasies.

5. Ocean Swirl Long Nails

Water signs would love these oceanic nails. The only problem is wiping the tears that come during the next flood of emotions.

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