From gorgeous Easter egg colors and bunny-centric designs to chicks and chocolate, we found some of the best Easter nail design ideas.

1. Robin Egg Nails

For a spin on the edible robin egg, this nail tech used negative space and egg-colored daisies for this Easter manicure. Thankfully, they smell less like eggs. But very strongly of nail polish.

2. Pastel Rainbow Nails

Pick out your favorite five pastel nail polish shades and give yourself a DIY Skittles manicure perfect for the spring holiday. If all you have is red and black, we’ll catch you at Halloween.

3. Shy Bunnies

This vibrant rainbow set is complete with bunnies peeking out in every corner. Kind of like the rose bush in our backyard. What’s a squirrel?

4. Neon Peeps Nails

These neon nails feel like they turn a turn and got stuck in the 90s. Say hi to our Tamagotchi will you?

5. Bunny Paw Bean Design

The rabbit tails get all the attention, but we’re over here admiring these impeccable paw beans. Way cuter than that can of pinto beans we  just spilled. And our roommate’s angry reaction.

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