These Green Nail Designs Are Going To Make Everyone Envious

1. Glitter Green Nails

We hear this is how you manifest financial success. No, you may not see our bank account.

2. Green Nails with Pink Flames

This is exactly what our last campfire looked like. And yes, we did miss that lesson in Girl Scouts.

3. Green Ombre Press On Nails

If you often yell, “What are you doing in my swamp?!” then these press-on nails are perfect for you.

4. Green and Gold Foil Nails

These remind us of the few days after you get paid when you start adding a little bit extra to everything. “Yes, we will have dessert.”  “Yes, we do want avocado.” “Yes, we do want to add a splash of pure gold to our nails.”

5. Bold Green Skittles Nails

If green is your favorite Skittle flavor, this design is for you. Unless you mean the green apple version. You animal.

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