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Halloween Nails For 2022, So You Can Scare Everyone You Point At

Whether you’re looking for nails that will scare your cat the next time you go to pet her, or a mani that embraces the pumpkin spice element of the season, we found a cool, creative, and spooky set of Halloween nails for 2022 to inspire you.

1. Ghost French Tips

We’re learning that basically anything can be a French tip now. We’ll be using donut frosting for our next set.

2. Skeleton Nails

We’re obsessed with the fact that these skeleton nails glow in the dark. You know, like real bones. Haven’t you ever been to a cemetery at night?

3. Purple Witch Nails

Nails that match your potions? How aesthetic.

4. Pink Halloween Nails

If you’re the kind of person that gets spooked by everything, these pink nails are the perfect set for you. Unless your biggest fear is throwing a red top into the laundry with the whites.

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