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17 Unique Hostess Gift Ideas That’ll Make Them Like You Best

If you’re showing up to an event at someone’s house, you might want to consider a gift to thank them for their planning efforts. We put together a list of hostess gift ideas for every occasion. Whether they’re hosting you for Thanksgiving or for a dinner party, we’ve got the perfect present.

1. It’s Five O’Guac Somewhere Serving Dish

What can we say? We’re suckers for puns. And we’re even bigger suckers for guac. We’re also suckers for suckers. We call grape!

2. After Dinner Amusements Question Cards

After Dinner Amusements come in a variety of packs, with topics like “Charades,” “Family Time,” and “Riddle Me This.” They’re great for starting fun conversations, or for avoiding awkward ones.

3. Vodka Infusion Craft Cocktail Kit

A great hostess gift is one that everyone can enjoy the spoils of: like a bottle of wine or a vodka infusion kit. What do you mean that’s not what a gift is?

4. New York Times Custom Birthday Book

What kind of nerd wouldn’t love this gift? The book rounds up all the front page news stories from the year you were born until present day. 

5. You're Doing Great Cupcakes

Choose between 25, 50, or 100 mini cupcakes with this hostess gift idea that doubles as dessert. The box features a ton of different flavors.

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