Human Design is often described as a “user manual” for your life. According to Human Design (and astrology), not only do your birth time, date, and location influence your personality, but also the strengths you have and how you navigate the world.

Human Design Energy Types

The first part of Human Design is figuring out what type of energy you hold within yourself. The five energy types of human design are: Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector, and Reflector.

1. Manifestor

As an initiator, a Manifestor holds a power to impact. They have a closed, repelling vibe, which can feel off-putting to others who may wish to control them. Manifestors are happiest when left alone.

2. Generator

In contrast to the Manifestor, the Generator is very open and inviting. They’re here to respond to life and feel pulled towards whatever is put in front of them.

3. Projector

Projectors thrive on directing, rather than executing. They are the playmakers and the managers – people who see things differently and are ready to solve problems.

Human Design Authority  Types

The next step in understanding your Human Design is to get a grasp of your Authority, which is how you make your decisions. Is it quick and confident, or slow and deliberate?

1. Emotional Authority

Someone with this authority might feel like decision making is easy because of their heightened emotions. But a key part is learning how to wait until they’ve mellowed before making decisions.

2. Sacral Authority

This authority is all about that visceral, bodily gut response. The butterflies in your stomach turned hornets, recoiling sick feelings, and everything in between.

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