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25 Ocean-Inspired Nails to Complete Your Mermaid Look

If your summer plans include lounging at the beach every weekend, these are the nail designs you’ll need. These ocean nails and sea-themed manicures will match that your OOO vibe.

1. Great White Nail Art

If Great White sharks looked like this little guy, we definitely would have tried cage diving. Maybe ours skipped breakfast.

2. Realistic Ocean Nails

We would totally get these nails if we weren’t afraid of becoming shark bait. It’s the same reason we don’t wear seal costumes to the beach. Well, not in the water, anyway.

3. Marble Press-Ons

Make it to the beach before noon by using press-on nails instead of spending four hours doing your own manicure.

4. Ocean View Nails

These nails remind us of when a wave pulls you under and we end up swirling around for a while unsure of which way is up. A flash of palm trees! More  shells! Sand in the mouth!

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