Olivia Rodrigo's Stanley Cup Collab Rocks the Internet

Alright, folks, brace yourselves for yet another viral Stanley Cup release, courtesy of the Olivia Rodrigo 40-ounce Lavender Stanley Cup Quencher. Stanley's newest celebrity collaboration features the same color cup that made its big debut alongside the pop star in an interview with GQ.

This lavender dream isn't just any Stanley cup. It's covered with silver stars, channeling the cosmic vibes of the pop sensation's Sour album cover. In the words of Olivia Rodrigo, her lavender Stanley Cup is "one of the things she can't live without." And we're feeling this way about this upcoming design that will be released at Dick's Sporting Goods soon, just like the iridescent Black Chroma one.

Olivia spilled the tea (or soda, in this case) to GQ, admitting she was "TikTok-influenced" into buying her lavender Quencher. So, it's no surprise that the artist said yes to collaborating with Stanley on a design of her own, featuring the same color cup adorned with silver and red stars and butterflies.

Like most new Stanley Cups, this one will be hard to get. It's going to be released at Dick's Sporting Goods, though the date has not yet been announced. If you can't find one there, we recommend looking on eBay and other reseller sites. We're share some links as soon as we see them. Unless we're sleeping.

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