40 Short Nail Ideas and Designs For Any Occasion, Aesthetic, Or Patience Level

When it comes to these creative nail designs for the short nail crew, we couldn’t be more obsessed. From solid colors to French tips to intricate art that we definitely can’t do ourselves, these prove that you can do a lot with a little space.

1. Artsy Nails with Color

Tell us you’re an art major without telling us you’re an art major. And then tell us the meaning behind this design, because all we see are pretty colors and lines.

2. Eye Glitter Nails

You can choose whatever color combo you want for this simple short nail design, just don’t forget the glitter. Or the blinking eyes. If you forget those, then it’s just a totally different design. But we support your creativity!

3. Glittery Lava Nails

Are these seashells? Is it glittery lava? Or is it whatever our five-year-old niece found in her pocket? Sometimes it’s better not to ask questions.

4. Mushroom Nails

Who needs foraging when you can just get mushrooms painted onto your nails! Okay, you can’t eat these mushrooms. But that’s what Whole Foods is for.

5. Black Flower Nails

Black nails are so diverse. They can be mysterious and witchy, or bold and beautiful. And more importantly, they can cover up the fact that your yellow polish stained your nails a really unsettling color.

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