We scoured the galaxy (aka the Internet) and found all the best Star Wars nail designs for super-fans.

1. Darth Vader Nail Design

If the Dark Side has nail designs like this then we’ll see you there. With cookies.

2. Peek-a-Boo Droid Nails

No wonder we can never find the droids we’re looking for when they’ve got hiding skills like this. Did they also take our keys?

3. Yoda Stiletto Nails

Actually yielding a lightsaber may be near impossible with these sharp nails, which is probably why Yoda rarely used one. Fashion over function, right?

4. Boba Fett Nail Art

These Mandalorian nails are worth whatever bounty they cost. Which hopefully doesn’t involve too much fighting. Yesterday was leg day.

5. Minimalist Resistance Nails

Give your French tips a rebellious makeover with a design like this one. Goes great with studded belts and fashion ties.

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