Summer is hot. Thankfully, most nail salons have AC. So head to your favorite nail tech, and treat yourself to these hot summer nails for 2022.

1. Flaming Tips Nail Design

Need to roast a marshmallow? No fire near by? Not to worry! You can just bust out this hot manicure in a pinch.

2. Chrome Nails

Chrome nails > Google Chrome. Unless you’re using it to search for cheap flights to a beach. We call window seat!

3. Baseball Nails

If you get dragged to a ball game this summer, these nails will help you fit in with the sports crowd. Would we get our nails done like this if we didn’t know what an RBI is?

4. Berry Manicure

We’ve been struggling to get our five servings of fruit per day since we found out a frozen strawberry margarita doesn’t count. We’re pretty sure these juicy nails make up for it.

5. Green Summer Wave Nails

It might be impossible to maintain the perfect beachy waves in your hair once the humidity hits, but these summer waves will at last you at least a week.

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