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28 Creative Tequila Cocktails To Try This Weekend

1. Tequila and Lime

Few things in life go together as well as straight tequila and fresh lime. This Tequila and Lime recipe calls for just a few simple ingredients and doesn’t require much prep work.

2. Mexican Mule

The Mexican Mule is a tequila-based variation of the Moscow Mule. It substitutes vodka for tequila, but it’s still served in a cute copper mug for a chilly good time.

3. Spicy Paloma

This Spicy Paloma cocktail is the perfect blend of jalapeno flavor, citrusy tones brought on from the grapefruit juice, and the ideal amount of tequila to balance it all out.

4. Anejo Manhattan

A Manhattan is a strong whiskey cocktail served in a martini glass. An Anejo Manhattan is similar, but made with aged tequila, bitters, and sweet vermouth.

5. Skinny Margarita

A Skinny Margarita is just another name for a freshly-made margarita made without Triple Sec (or Margarita mix), substituting with fresh-squeezed orange juice.

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