These Winter Nail Designs Are Even Cooler Than Snow

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1. Snowflakes and Sweaters

One nail stays cool with a snowflake design, and one nail stays cozy with a sweater pattern. And the rest of the nails go whee whee whee, all the way to France!

3. Purple Polar Bear Nail Design

The polar bears were happy to take a break from shooting Coca-Cola commercials to model for these nails. They were less happy about global warming.

3. Glittery Swirl Nails

When Taylor Swift sings “Snow on the Beach,” this is definitely what she’s talking about. Oh, and Lana, too!

4. Winter Night Nails

Wow, night time already? 3PM comes quick!

5. Penguin Design on Red Nails

Happy Feet? More like happy hands! Especially after you cleaned up those cuticles.

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