15 Elegant Winter Wedding Cakes

With twinkling lights and glistening snow, winter is magical. It's a beautiful and underrated time of year to get married. Summer may be peak marriage season, but a these winter wedding cakes prove why the season is the perfect accent for your fairytale. Ideally not a Hans Christian Anderson one. Those are dark dark, not romantic dark.

This berry blue wedding cake mixes fifty shades of blue (or, uh, three shades) with bright red mistletoe to create a multi-layered winter masterpiece.

Taking a complete 180, this cake is a deep chocolate burgundy instead of winter white, and is designed to make a statement. Its bold color makes it fit for an ice queen who's willing to expand her color palette.

We love the gold mountain silhouette almost as much as I like the fluffy couple at the top.

With rustic accents, like a log base that we do not recommend eating, this cake will have you yee-hawing through the snow. Whatever that means.

Is this a cake or is it a castle? With multiple tiers, including a hollowed out layer featuring a silver speckled arch, this cake is so pretty that we can almost quit lamenting all the wasted cake from that hollowed out bit.

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