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The 15 Best Gifts For The Baker In Your Life

In the last few years, home baking has ramped up, thanks to the popularity of shows like Great British Bake Off and that thing that impacted the entire globe. Most bakers probably have the must-have tools like measuring cups and rolling pins, so we found more unique baking gifts for the pastry chef in your life.

1. Bamboo Bread Box, $45.99

You might know the bread box from credits such as “grandma’s kitchen.” Beautifully minimal and made of bamboo, this one is the modern upgrade. The Hamilton of bread boxes, if you will.

2. Raisenne Dough Riser, $69.95

A great gift for bakers who will be showcasing their skills around the holidays, the Raisenne Dough Riser uses state-of-the-art technology to provide a perfect rise every time. It will speed up their process, meaning more bread and pizza in less time.

3. Rolling Pie Crust Cutter, $19.95

Rolling pie crust cutters are a reminder to us all that you can have it all. Be a busy career woman and still create up aesthetic pies. Have your pie and eat the crust, too. Insert another butchered platitude here.

4. Carson Acacia Wood Cake Pedestal, $79.95

A great display storage option that can also come in handy when decorating baked goods, a cake stand is a must-have. This one is both beautiful and hardy, like a great friendship.

5. Baguette Tote, $60

This tote is crafted with fresh baked bread in mind. The inner coat provides a protective layer as the bread’s  loose flour coats the canvas. In: baguette totes. Out: Birkin bags.

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