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The Best Gifts For Your Friends Who Can’t Live Without Coffee

There are people who enjoy a cup of good coffee each morning, and then there are people who make it their entire personality. Wherever your friend falls on the java spectrum, these are the best gifts for coffee lovers to make each morning extra special.

1. Coffee Stencils, $30

Coffee stencils will allow them to make Instagrammable-worthy latte art from the comfort of their home. Where you’ll hopefully be invited.

2. Little Miss Drank Too Much Coffee Mug, $19.99

The perfect mug for coffee drinkers who can laugh at themselves. Through sporadic heart palpitations, nonetheless! We envy their multitasking abilities.

3. Split Oak Coffee French Press, $19.99

A French press is an easy and fairly inexpensive way to make a great cup of coffee. Which makes sense, because pressure brings out the best in us, too.

4. Coffee Brewing Print, $30

This clever infographic print shows all the different ways to brew coffee. And can help anyone validate their coffee addiction as one giant science experiment. For Einstein!

5. Fresh Coffee Soy Wax Candle, $24

Many people who hate the taste of coffee still love its scent. So a coffee drinker will definitely love this candle. Smelling it, that is. Your tongue has been burnt enough!

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