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18 Gin Brands Ranked Worst To Best

#17: New Amsterdam Stratusphere Gin

Despite making a good name for themselves, New Amsterdam flunked out with the modern-day spirit sippers. One Redditor said that it's perfect for removing grease.

#16: Green Hat Gin

If you like green juice, Green Hat Gin is the boozy version. According to one Reddit user, it's just "celery, celery, celery." Now we know what to sip on before yoga class.

#11. Mirabeau Rosé Gin

It has a grape-forward flavor, a crisp aroma, and a slightly bitter aftertaste of citrus. And, the makers added rose petals, lavender, and jasmine to the blend, making it a perfect Valentine's Day or wedding gift.

#6: Bloom London Dry Gin

An earthy taste. A peppery nose. A zesty mouthfeel. Bloom London Dry Gin is a perfect juniper-flavored spirit. Add it to your favorite tonic or let it be front-and-center in a gin martini.

#3: Hendrick's Gin

"Hendrick's gin is a true original, with its blend of 11 botanicals including Bulgarian rose and cucumber, creating a delicate and refreshing taste and a crisp, clean finish that's unmatched in the gin world."

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