Summer Isn't Complete Without These Trader Joe’s Items

Food + Drink

1. Patio Potato Chips

Each bag of these chips has a mix of flavors, including salt and vinegar, dill, ketchup, and BBQ. Thankfully, we haven’t found a vomit chip flavor. Yet.

2. Horchata Ice Cream

This ice cream features cinnamon and brown rice flavors, plus horchata cookies. Safe to say this creamy and delicious horchata makes us want to horcha-cha-cha.

3. Frozen Tres Leches Cakes

Tres leches cake gives us three rich dairies on a sponge cake, making an impossibly moist and wonderfully sweet dessert. And a reminder that we still know some high school Spanish.

4. Beach Day Gummies

Realistically, you should probably eat these before getting to the beach so they don’t all melt. But that shouldn’t be a problem, should it?

5. Chunky Garlic and Jalapeno Hot Sauce

Hot sauce and garlic are both staples in our diet, so this product is a home run. This is what they meant by hot girl summer, right?

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