14 Pretty Chinese New Year Nails for the Year of the Rabbit

1. Red And Gold Rabbit Nail Design

This rabbit knows he’s the gold standard and he knows it. He told us over a nice meal of lettuce.

2. Cartoon Rabbit Nails

These glittery rabbits with dollar signs in their eyes are to die for, which makes their coffin shape very convenient. And downright suspicious now that we think of it.

3. Red and Gold Polish

These almond-shaped red and gold nails are looking like much more of a snack than the tub of almonds we got from grandma at Christmas.

4. Dumpling Nail Art

The hardest part? Reminding yourself you really shouldn't chew on your nails.

5. Red Diagonal Press-On Nails

Ah, the time of year for fireworks, eating yummy food, decorating everything in red, and poking your eye out.

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