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15 Crazy Wedding Cakes That'll Have You Saying "Huh."

On your big day, you deserve the freedom to choose any kind of cake that you want. Go all out with a multi-tiered masterpiece, or keep it simple with a box of Funfetti. Whatever you choose, there’s no way you’re going to beat these crazy wedding cakes.

1. Webbed Cake

Unless the folks getting married are Spider-Man and Charlotte, it’s difficult to understand why anyone would want a spiderweb cake.

2. 200-Year-Old Cake

It’s tradition in some circles to freeze your wedding cake and take a bite every anniversary, but no one talks about what to do with the cake after that.

3. Raccoon Cake Toppers

What’s an easy way to turn a basic wedding cake into a crazy wedding cake? Throw a trash panda cake topper on it!

4. Selfie Cake

Brides are typically the center of attention on their wedding day, but bride took it one step further by making herself the center of attention and the muse for the cake.

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