Every Cold Stone Ice Cream Flavor Ranked From “Skip It” To “Gotta Have It”

Cold Stone is on its own level when it comes to dessert. There are so many flavors and mix-ins, and the magic of watching ice cream masters manipulate your creation on the namesake cold slab. To honor our love of this place, here are all the Cold Stone flavors ranked worst to best.

19. Strawberry

It’s good! But that’s it. It tastes like every other strawberry ice cream anyone has ever had. We wouldn’t waste a trip to Cold Stone for this one.

15. Sweet Cream

Solid. It tastes like sweetened cream. (It’s in the name!) There’s no reason and should should be no expectation for it to be anything more.

11. Pistachio

No pistachio on earth tastes like this. It smells and tastes like maraschino cherries and looks like mint, and we’re fine with that. It’d certainly satisfy our ice cream craving, but never our pistachio craving.

7. Coffee

This coffee ice cream might bridge the divide between lovers and haters of coffee ice cream. There’s not an overwhelming coffee flavor, but enough to know it’s there.

2. Cookie Dough

This tastes at first like brown sugar ice cream, but the flavors build to somehow include everything you’d taste in chocolate chip cookie dough. We don’t even need the beat to drop.

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