Host A Whoville Night With These Grinch Cake Ideas

You might be a mean one, Mr. Grinch, but you also make a mean baked good. As long as you keep your tufts of green fur out of it. Don't believe us? These Grinch cake ideas are sure to change your mind. In the bright, bold red and green colors of Christmas, these cakes feature Grinchy decals, signs, phrases, and decorations.

In the live-action Grinch movie, baby Grinch eats a cookie plate shaped like Santa. And now there's a cookie shaped like baby Grinch.

We love the pop art cartoon effect of this cake idea, with black icing to accentuate the different features.

This Grinch cake idea is both a gorgeous dessert and fabulous nail inspiration. If we attach fuzzy green claws to our hands, will we get fired? Don't answer that.

If those ornament cake toppers are edible, we lose a $20 bet. But we gain edible ornaments, so who really wins here?

He looks truly thrilled to be wishing you a happy birthday. And someone mentioned something award?

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