Try Your Hand At Recreating These Wild, Wacky, And Adorable Kim-Joy Baking Recipes

Known for her colorful and whimsical designs, Kim-Joy delighted audiences during her season nine Great British Bake-Off performance. And you can try to pull off some of her magic on your own thanks to these Kim-Joy recipes for her most creative and fun bakes. Many of her bakery creations are animal-inspired, but Kim-Joy told Eater, "In my baking, I love magical bonkers things."

There may be no wrong way to eat a cupcake, but adding meringue cookies with gummy jellyfish legs sure makes cupcake-eating more challenging. Thankfully, these cupcakes won't sting.

There are endless possibilities with these easy-to-make fruit and vegetable cookies. Using a similar recipe to the turkey cookies, these melt in your mouth thanks to the use of potato starch.

One a bunny, two a bunny, hot cross buns. Kim-Joy's traditional hot cross buns get an Easter twist with the addition of cute, doughy bunnies. This vegetarian dish doesn't harm any rabbits in the process, even when you take a big bite.

Nestled atop a lighter fruit cake coated in a whisky syrup are sugar-formed penguins enjoying a snowy, powdered sugar scene. Everything on this cake takes multiple days to set, so you should plan ahead. Or just recruit your sister to do it for you.

Grumpy-looking ginger snap cookies have the right amount of cat-itude for the kitty lovers in your life. The addictiveness of these crisp, spicy ginger cookies will have you clawing for more.

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