19 Spooky Salem Airbnbs That May Or May Not Be Haunted

1. Lorelai's Witch House

Lorelei’s Witch House is located above the nation’s oldest witch shop, Crow Haven Corner and it's owned by a practicing witch.

2. Pickering Dodge Stone House

The Pickering Dodge Stone House is confusingly wonderful. Half the house looks like it came out of The Shining. The other half came out of The Crown.

3. Henry Russell Jr. Home

Mason Henry Russell Jr. built this home in 1844. It’s close to the Old Burying Point Cemetery, the Howard Street Cemetery, and the Salem Common.

4. Crombie Suite

The Crombie Suite is like if Downton Abbey happened in the States. Antique furniture abounds, but you’ll also find modern amenities. Jacuzzi tub, anyone?

5. JPaul House

The Hocus Pocus house (aka the Ropes Mansion), is not on Airbnb. Luckily, the JPaul is. Built in 1755, this house is just steps away from where the Sanderson sisters got their witch on.

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