Celebrate Winter With These Cute Snowman Cupcakes

Are you a jolly, happy soul? If so, make sure you don't step into any apartments with heating this season. And then, be sure to treat yourself with one of these snowmen cupcakes as a reward. Get ready to thumpety thump thump over to your kitchen to create some mouthwatering snowman cupcakes.

Because eating a regular cupcake isn't difficult enough, this snowman cupcake stacks a marshmallow head on three layers of frosting to create the snowman look.

Some cupcakes are worth melting for. Whether you use white frosting or a melted marshmallow frosting, this sweet treat is one of the easier marshmallow snowman cupcakes to eat.

There's snowman cuter than these chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with coconut frosting. Topped with little pink icing caps, these jolly cupcakes are almost adorable enough to make us forget what a sensory nightmare it is to eat flaked coconut.

Coat chocolate cupcakes with a chocolate ganache for a slick surface for your snowman to sit upon. Then, add minty fresh layers of buttercream frosting to look like your favorite Frosty.

Did you know edible glass was a thing? These cupcakes are next level with this added isomalt sugar. A miniature snowman and Christmas tree add a pop of color.

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