Summer Nail Designs Are So Hot They Rival The Sun

It’s summertime, and the living is easy…unless you’re stuck with  boring nails. There’s no reason to have a lame manicure when you have all these summer nail designs for 2023 at your fingertips.

1. Rainbow and Smiley Face Nails

These nails are all smiles during Pride Month. And every other month. Because, you know…they’re painted on…

2. Pride Month Nails

Pride Month may only technically be in June, but you can definitely rock these rainbow nails all summer long. Or at least they grow out and you lose the RO part of ROYGBIV.

3. Groovy Pink Nails

We’re one step closer to Barbie Land with these swirly pink nails. Thankfully we left the heels at home for this journey.

4. Ombré Nails with Silver Swirls

These silver swirls remind us that there’s AC blowing somewhere over the rainbow. If only it was blowing in our apartment, too.

5. Bright Contemporary

Take your doodles from the page to your nails with this cool summer nail design idea. Is it just us, or does that look exactly like Susan from accounting?

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