These Super Bowl Charcuterie Boards Will Be The Main Event

Food + Drink

1. Charcuterie Wreath

If we can slather butter on cutting boards, adding crab cakes to all future snack boards seems like the least we can do. Thanks for coming to our TED talk. Take a crab cake on your way out.

2. Super Bowl x Valentine's Day

This year, the Super Bowl is scheduled for February 12, just two days before Valentine’s Day. If your quarterback crush is on one of the teams playing, this ode to both occasions is the perfect solution. And if he loses, cheese is sure to cheer him up.

3. Super Bowl Dessert Board

Footballs don’t have to be made exclusively out of various forms of meat. They can be made out of chocolate, too! Or rubber and more or less air, depending on whether Tom Brady is involved.

4. Super Bowl Charcuterie Board

One super easy way to make your charcuterie board Super Bowl-themed is to add cheese lettering. This one references the  game’s number for the year 2022. Best to brush up on your Roman numerals in advance.

5. Football Charcuterie Board

A bacon football is perfectly complemented by chocolate-covered strawberry footballs on this board. Excuse us if our Pavlovian response kicks in and we start drooling on the ball the next time we toss one around.

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