Valentine Dessert Boards Are Way Better Than A Box Of Chocolates

Food + Drink

1. Valentine’s Day Candy Board

Grab every type of Valentine’s Day candy you can find at Target, throw them all together into a cute arrangement, and you’ve got yourself a Valentine’s dessert board. While you’re there, you might as well ask Target what else you need.

2. Heart Shaped Valentine Dessert Board

We’re all about charcuterie, but a shared lollipop might be taking it too far. Our immune systems have been through enough.

3. Be Mine Sweets Board

If this is the only kiss we get on Valentine’s Day, we’re absolutely fine with that. More garlic bread for us!

4. Fruity Valentine Board

Chocolate fondue is criminally underrated, and this board brings it back. Add in the whipped cream and you have yourself an iconic duo of dipping options. Although not even chocolate can trick us into thinking apples taste good.

5. Valentine's Day Dessert Platter

We’re convinced that M&Ms are a love language. And cookies. And those little chocolate ball things. Oh, what, we’re supposed to be the word experts now?

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