51 Valentine's Cupcakes To Fall Endlessly in Love With

Valentine’s Day and cupcakes go together like karma and the guy on the Chiefs. We think the Kansas City Chiefs would agree, although we have not contacted them in an official endorsement deal capacity. There’s no better way to say "Be My Valentine" to your friends at your V-Day party than with flour, unsalted butter, eggs, and sugar baked at 350 degrees. Topped with frosting, of course.

Lots of our favorite things crunch, like Cap'n Crunch and Cinnamon Toast Crunch. So the Golden Oreo dusting on top of these cupcakes is the crunch of our sweetest dreams.

It turns out stouts are not just for little teapots. These stout-infused chocolate cupcakes are topped with buttercream frosting and a flaky salt sprinkle to boot.

Hot pink frosting gives us some serious Barbiecore vibes. The pink dipped Oreos are Dream House worthy. Now if only we were Barbie-sized. That's what we call a serving.

These chocolate-raspberry cupcakes marry sweet and tart in a beautiful ceremony of flavor. They make us want to jam out. Preferably to something by Billie Eilish.

Raspberry cupcakes with a clever plot twist: rose water and lychee. This is one cupcake we’d stay up all night reading. Um, eating. That’s what we meant.

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