51 Valentine's Day Cookies You Will Absolutely Love

The best way to ask someone to be your valentine? Homemade Valentine's Day cookies, of course. Also, does anyone still ask that anymore? Sure, you could craft a cute paper valentine, but it won't be nearly as delicious. But pink velvet cookies? Chocolate-dipped teddy bear Oreos? Heart-shaped jammy Linzer cookies? Now those a true valentine make. To be clear, we would say yes. Wink wink.

A nerdy valentine is the best valentine. Your gamer S.O. will love these.

These roll, cut, and bake swirl cookies are too cute and so nostalgic. They're so fun to look at, we almost don't want to eat them. Almost.

These four-ingredient cake mix cookies are great for last minute Valentine's Day bakes. Two minutes in the grocery store and you'll be able to whip these up in no time.

Chocolate-dipped Oreos? As cute bears? Make these cute cookies for your valentine, and they'll never leave you. Pick up your socks for good measure.

Elevate a classic chocolate chip cookie by adding sprinkles and making it heart-shaped. Make these for your pals so they know you value their friend-chip. We'll leave now.

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