25 Budget-Friendly Valentine's Day Decor Ideas

Who says Valentine’s Day party decor ideas have to break the bank? The answer: Goop, probably. But as far as we’re concerned, Valentine’s gifts are where to stretch your budget. Decor? Not so much. From inexpensive, heart-covered string lights to full decorating kits, everything on this list is under $20 (and most of it is under $10). We're not pranking you. April 1 is still a few months off.

Just to be clear, this is a glittery, beaded heart decoration that comes in either pink or red and hangs from a matching ribbon.

This red fiberboard heart sign lights up from within, thanks to hidden string lights. It's the same way you light up when you see your sweetie. Though, thankfully you don’t need string lights inside you to do that. We hope.

Inspired by classic conversation heart candies, these Valentine’s Day yard signs tell your neighbors to "Be Mine" and that they are "Cute Stuff."

With red hearts of all different sizes on a brown background, this Valentine’s Day doormat is perfect for welcoming guests to your holiday dinner party.

This white and brown plush puppy isn’t just adorable. It serves a purpose by weighing down balloon bouquets.

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