18 Sweet Valentine's Day Donuts That'll Win Anyone Over

We love all types of donuts (except you, crullers) but around this time of the year, we can't help but indulge in donuts decorated with pink or purple icing, heart-shaped sprinkles, and Cupid's arrows. So pick up (or bake) one of these Valentine's donuts this holiday.

These heart-shaped donuts from Somethin’ Sweet Donuts in Chicago come filled with lemon, raspberry, blueberry or Bavarian cream. Our significant other said they'd fill our donuts with cream too, but then they used up all the CO2 making nitro cold brew. In other news, we're single now.

This batch of baked donuts are baked using a donut pan and made with strawberry cake mix and real strawberries. The plastic ones just don't taste as good.

The perfect snack for your next Among Us sesh. You can get these custom made beauties from Date’s Donuts in Dinuba, California.

We are fully head-over-heels in love with these pastel Valentine’s Day donuts. So perfectly round, so gorgeously decorated… what more could you want? Oh, the sprinkles? Get similar ones here.

Who needs dry, flavorless conversation hearts when you can have a conversation heart donut? Call us, Station Donuts! Oh, we're supposed to call you? Well, that explains a few things.

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