32 Easy Valentine's Day Mailbox Ideas For Your Party

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and we're in full party-planning mode for the festive love soiree of the century. And what better addition to the party mix is there than a throwback to our childhoods, via these Valentine's Day mailbox ideas? Let your creativity flow and craft receptacles for all your friends to pour notes of love and admiration into. Oh, and candy. We hope they don't forget the candy.

Make a splash with an easy to assemble mermaid box. Just add pre-cut or DIY circles in layers to create a scale effect on a construction paper tail.

Unlike mermaids, narwhals actually exist–who knew? This mythical, but totally real, narwhal is easy to make with just some scissors and construction paper.

Because you're probably not busy enough, here's a real challenge. This castle Valentine's Day mailbox uses about every form of cardboard you can find in your house, and a lot of duct tape.

This minimalist unicorn has found the magical balance of being both adorable and easy to recreate. The creator used a Cricut to cut the pieces, but you could free cut them pretty easily.

With construction paper and foam teeth, this Valentine's Day shark won't bite.

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