50 Valentine's Day-Inspired Rooms to Use for Decorating Inspiration

Prepare to swoon over this curated collection of Valentine's Day room decor inspo that would make Cupid himself jealous. Not that it's hard to make him jealous. Hey, why do you think the guy's still single? From heart-shaped pillows to retro-chic aesthetics to love-themed wall art to floral staircases, we've scoured Instagram's most creative corners to bring you a feast for the eyes this Valentine's Day.

Spice up a room for Valentine's Day by swapping in some cool word art on your gallery wall. Love isn't just a four-letter word. It's a masterpiece in Helvetica.

Decorating for Valentine's Day can be extra fun when you make a craft out of it. And then you make staircase art out of said craft. And then your cat makes confetti out of it.

It's next-level dedication to paint your wall for every holiday, but we can't help but respect it. And wonder if these creator is up for hire.

This pink and red-themed room looks super cool with the disco ball reflecting all over the walls. We don't see the disco ball, but we still see it. You know?

This room has a subtle Valentine's feel to it, between the purple and white checkered wall to the red and pink heart-printed dog bed. Oh, and the dog sitting on the human bed, not the dog bed. Classic.

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