10 of the Best Bourbons Under $50 That You'll Want to Try

Few spirits are as cherished as bourbon, whiskey’s all-American, smooth-talking, cocktail-improving member of the family. If you love a complex drink that can mix with almost anything, then nothing’s better than this caramel colored nectar of the gods. Trouble is. the good stuff doesn't always come cheap. But, we found some of the best bourbons under $50 that are worth drinking.

Bulleit’s 10 Year Old Bourbon has 45.6% ABV or alcohol by volume, and yet, it’s surprisingly smooth.

Legent’s distillers age the bourbon in sherry and red wine casks. Afterwards, it’s blended with other Kentucky straight bourbons.

Good bourbons don’t always come from Kentucky. Boone’s Bourbon is a South Carolina specialty that sells for under $50 a bottle and will knock your socks off.

This $40 hit is aptly named after California's state’s tree that metaphorically towers over its competition. Big and bold, this bourbon has been barrel aged between four and 12 years, giving it plenty of complexity and depth.

The 90 proof bourbon features aromas of stone fruit, apple, and hazelnut. On the palate, you’ll get a perfect blend of chocolate, apples, hazelnut, and a sweet cream finish that will take you to the cozy Oregon countryside.

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