We Ranked A Dozen Popular Hot Sauces From Best to Worst

When we’re bored with our scrambled eggs or our chicken wings feeling flat (even when they’re drums), nothing hurts quite as good as a drop of hot sauce (or fifty). So we were happy to conduct an experiment to rank the best hot sauces.

1. Tabasco Habanero Sauce

The habanero version of Tabasco manages to find the balance between spicy and flavorful without either getting in the way of the other. Even more impressive? The bottle can walk on its own! Scoville Level: 7000

3. Sriracha

We all know and (most of us) love Sriracha. The rooster sauce is tangy without being super hot since it’s made with red jalapeños peppers. Scoville Level: 2200

6. Texas Pete Original Hot Sauce

The ingredient list says it’s “made of peppers,” even if it’s hardly hot. Instead, it’s a bit smokey, so the taste is more reminiscent of BBQ sauce. Scoville Level: 747

10. Hot Ones The Last Dab: XXX

This hot sauce one contains the world’s hottest pepper, Pepper X, along with chocolate pepper X and peach pepper X. We couldn’t find any flavor because it was so spicy. Scoville Level: 2,000,000+

11. Steve-O’s Hot Sauce

There isn’t really enough flavor for the heat to be worth it. Unlike the sexy illustration of Steve-O on the front of the bottle. Scoville Level: 700,000

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