We Ranked A Dozen Popular Hot Sauces From Best to Worst

When we’re bored with our scrambled eggs or our chicken wings feeling flat (even when they’re drums), nothing hurts quite as good as a drop of hot sauce (or fifty). So we were happy to conduct an experiment to rank the best hot sauces.

2. TRUFF Original Black Truffle Infused Sauce

This hot sauce is made with red chili peppers. We didn’t think this was all that spicy, but the truffle taste makes us feel fancy AF. Pinkies up! Scoville Level: 2500

5. Cholula

Cholula is solidly middle of the road. It’s made from arbol and piquin peppers, smells like Taco Bell, and what we think of when we hear “hot sauce.” No one tell Tapatio. Scoville Level: 1000

8. Frank’s Red Hot

We’d need to slather our eggs with about a gallon of this cayenne pepper sauce to feel any real effect. Scoville Level: 450

9. Jersey Girl Masala Hot Sauce

We appreciate that there is a low sodium hot sauce out there, but after trying this sauce, we can confirm that we really like salt. Scoville Level: Moderate

11. Steve-O’s Hot Sauce

There isn’t really enough flavor for the heat to be worth it. Unlike the sexy illustration of Steve-O on the front of the bottle. Scoville Level: 700,000

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