We Raided The Freezer Aisle And Found The Best Vanilla Ice Cream

Summer puts us firmly in the mood for vanilla ice cream. And piña coladas, but we digress. Whether it’s soft serve at a little shop on the beach or scooped out of a gallon jug you got at the supermarket, enjoying a cup or cone of vanilla ice cream is practically a summer rite of passage. But, which brand has the best?

11. Oatly Vanilla 100% Vegan Ice Cream

Look, we respect the effort. Oatly offers a frozen dessert option that is gluten free, vegan, non-GMO, and non-dairy. Unfortunately it’s also non-edible as a result.

9. Nick’s Swedish Vanilj Ice Cream

Ranking the middle chunk of flavors was honestly tough, and this one gave us the hardest time. It’s good, but doesn’t taste like vanilla ice cream. It tastes like cake batter ice cream. 

6. Ben & Jerry’s Vanilla Ice Cream

Okay, we feel obligated to start this review by saying we are Ben & Jerry’s stans. Our freezer is currently stocked with three pints. However, their vanilla offering just doesn’t quite hit the mark.

3. Häagen-Dazs Vanilla Ice Cream

The best way we can describe this flavor is that it tastes like the vanilla ice cream you’d get on the boardwalk at the beach. It’s like a soft-serve vanilla flavor, but in a hard ice cream. 

2. Breyers Natural Vanilla

With only five ingredients, this option truly shows how you don’t need a lot of gunk to make a delicious ice cream. The vanilla comes through cleanly, tastes fresh, and we’d go back for fourths. Only after everyone else has had their firsts, of course.

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